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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to bring my dog's food?

We feed Iams Lamb & Rice food here in the kennel. If you prefer to bring some other type of food, we will be glad to give that to your pet instead. Please label it with your pet's name and use gallon size resealable bags.

What is your check in and check out time?

We charge for every night your pet is here. That means you can check in any time after we open. Check out is whatever time we close that on that day. We close at noon on Wednesday and Saturday and 6:00pm every other day. That means you pay for the day you come in but not the day you pick up.

If you close at noon, how will my pet be cared for?

Even if we are closed pets are taken care of the same way, every day of the year. They will also be checked on again later at night. No pets may be dropped off or picked up during non-business hours.

Will my dog be put in with other dogs?

Your dog will have his own space inside and his own space when he is put outside. He will be able to see other dogs but the only dogs kept together are dogs from the same family.
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